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Free Computer CourseThe Aditya Foundation has been conducting computer training course with own fund of the Trust and providing training on Computer educations and information technology to the 100 number of students and women by the trained and expert staff of the organization. The management group of. Aditya Foundation expressed their concern amidst most enchanting cheers to concentrate their entire purpose for implementing the most outstanding and spectacular concept of starting free computer education on Diploma from its own fund.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMME is a Social and Educational Voluntary organization working for the development of under privileged communities since 2013. Till now Aditya Foundation has worked on training number of girls and women in tailoring/cutting and in the field of computer. Six (6) months' Vocational Training program for 30 women for the Tailoring Classes was conducted in the month of August. The women are taught the skills with the emphasis on the social self-reliance.
They are groomed by the well-trained instructors. This has proven to be a success. By providing vocational training Aditya Foundation is trying to make women more self-reliant and confident, so that they can also be a part of income generation programme. Aditya Foundation is focusing on income generation trainings to give them more benefit and support in their economic life.

Women EmpowermentIn India women have usually occupied a lower status in the family as well as in the social milieu. It is a fact that women continue to be discriminated against different factors such as sex-ratio, maternal mortality- which is the highest in the world- illiteracy and poor socio-economic status. Crime against women in India is on the rise. In our Trust women are expected to perform their roles as a mother, sister and wife. Her social responsibility seems to be confined to be reproduction and socially approved domain where, as a women, she is deprived on her basic minimum rights.

Free Medical/Health Checkup CampTo provide medical assistance to the poor people suffering from eye diseases, Aditya Foundation organized a free eye check-up and advanced surgical treatment camp. The Programme organized was two times in one year. A team of doctors offered their services at the camp. More than 100 patients were attended at the onetime camp. Of them, 05-10 patients were taken to the hospital for advanced surgical treatment. All the patients were provided with free medicines while those who were referred to the hospital were provided with free treatment, accommodation and transportation also.

Yoga Training CampThe word yoga seems to have acquired such a prolific significance all along the history and development of its various practices even from the earliest period of the Vedas that it is very difficult to associate or determine its exact meaning within the limits of any particular philosophy.
We Conduct Diseased based Training Program for Yoga Twice a Year, Once for Old peoples focussing Arthrities, Lung Problems, Blood Pressure and once for the youths focussing Mental Rehabilitation, Diabeties, Blood Pressure etc....

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At present our activities are focussed on Rural Life Upliftment due to which we are working on the related activities which are :

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