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The Aditya Foundation is a Social and Educational Voluntary organization working for the development of under privileged communities since 2013. Till now Aditya Foundation has worked on training number of girls and women in tailoring/cutting and in the field of computer.

Aditya Foundation is also making people of under privileged group aware of self-employment through general awareness programme , women awareness Camp, Health and Hygiene camp, Organization also propose water supply schemes for rural India, Aditya Foundation is also providing education for backward classes such as SC/ST etc.

The Trust had been formed by a group of committed social activists . Right from its formation, the Trust had been active in a number of fronts trying to bring perceptible changes among the poor and the illiterates. The interventions that were carried out during the past and the programmes envisaged for the future would explain the philosophy of the organization.

Aditya Foundation is working in economic empowerment of rural women with the main focus of the project is on motivation, trading, information dissemination, technical and financial assistance for Razing Nurseries, Cultivation, sustainable collection / harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, marketing & waste material from produce by biomass gasified unit and linkages with collectors and strong communication network in cuntry Help of medicinal plant awareness & technology in our first target.

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At present our activities are focussed on Rural Life Upliftment due to which we are working on the related activities which are :

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